Presentation of the Company

The company ARCHETYPE S.A. was established in 1989. It is based in the city of Samos in the municipality of Vathi. The main shareholders of the company are Kostas Vlasiadis, architect and Kalliope Roditou, architect.

Until 1999 constructional activity was carried out by the individual companies of the two shareholders independently. In 1999 however, ARCHETYPE S.A. dynamically takes over in the sector of construction. The volume and the range of work done by the two partners both on an individual as well as joint level is of considerable importance, taking into account the range of the constructional activity.

The aim of this company is the delivery to the client of an insured and integrally constructed product (building), ridding him/her of the anxiety, stress and responsibility of supervising the construction him/herself.

The fact that two architects are the main shareholders of the company is an asset which ensures the integral design and ultimate functionality of the finished product, which is the building itself.

Services Available:

1. Design and construction of every type of building, such as: private residences, holiday homes, apartment buildings, shops, office buildings, etc. The buildings are delivered ready for use.
2. Reconstruction or Renovation of every type of building or its conversion to suit other types of needs or uses.
3. Sale of complete or under construction – apartments - private residences – offices – shops - on privately owned plots or as “valuable consideration”.
4. Finding plots of land for clients with the aim of construction.